Italy as it is and on canvas

Call of unknown lands

There are people who spend their entire life at one place, without ever getting out into the big world. This isn’t about me. I can’t imagine my life without traveling. A famous proverb says that traveling broadens your mind and this is really so. When you visit another country, it’s like getting into another dimension. You can’t even imagine how different mentalities can be across the ocean! Everything seems so new, unfamiliar and fascinating. When I first get into a foreign country, I don’t rush to the hotel or hurry to do the sights. I like simply walking down the street, breathing in strange air, gazing at buildings and people, feeling the pulse of the city. I call it ‘first date.’ And even though I can’t be seen in a crowd of tourists following a frantically gesticulating guide or boast seeing all famous Italian oil paintings in the Uffizi Gallery, I get so much more during this spontaneous stroll without route and purpose. I learn the city from the inside. I can read its mind.

Painted memories

One of my most memorable journeys was around Italy. Me and my cousin Jane visited all largest cities and swept over the entire coast leaving a trail of huge bills, empty bottles, sand castles and new acquaintances. Here are the main checkpoints of our trip:

  • Doing the sights in Rome, Milan and Naples
  • Riding gondolas in Venice
  • Hiking up the Blue Trail in Cinque Terre
  • Visiting the ruins of Pompeii
  • Chilling out at the beaches of Sicily
  • Partying on the Amalfi Coast
  • Tasting olives and wines of Tuscany

Of course, we brought home piles of photos and souvenirs, but I couldn’t help thinking it wasn’t enough. Until I saw this painting – ‘Italian Rain’ by Leonid Afremov. Frankly, I never heard of this artist before, but when I visited his site, I understood how much I lost showing no interest in visual arts all these years! This canvas is amazing! Although there is nothing indicating the scene takes place in Italy except its name, I like the style and mood of the painting. It’s so colorful and vivid! The manner is quite unusual as well. Reminds me of the wonderful days I spent in Italy, its cozy old streets with a pinch of modern shops and cafes opened in 18th century buildings, and the incredible atmosphere of night Rome, Milan and Venice. And although these pictures can’t be compared to famous Italian paintings, here you can find a lot of bright, beautiful canvases showing different countries and cities waiting for your visit!






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